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Welcome to our website.

We are very proud of the work we do at Brompton Hall.

We try very hard to enable boys who have had great difficulty in their previous schools become successful learners - and to enjoy the process. All the boys that attend the school are individuals with their own issues. However, we want all boys to be able to socialise and enjoy each other's company, to progress as individuals, educationally and personally, and to maximise their prospects in later life.

I hope that the pages of this site give you a good insight into the fantastic work of the school, the achievements and positive experiences of the boys who attend, and the endeavour and commitment of the staff who work here.


Mark Mihkelson (Headteacher)



"Brompton Hall is a school with high standards of teaching, care and behaviour. It sets out its standards very clearly for all

to see. With its open door policy to enable parents and other people responsible for caring for children to raise concerns and

give complements at any time. On the units the boys live in a family atmosphere."  Louise Potter (Parent)