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24 Hr Curriculum

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Brompton Hall School is a Residential School offering up to 46 residential placements for children and young people who require additional support in order to meet the objectives laid down in their statement of special educational needs. Provision for approximately 20 extended day placements is also available dependent upon need identified within the Statement Of Special Educational needs. The extended day is to 7 pm (Winter months) and 7.30 pm (Summer months) with Ks4 students transitioning to programmes until 5pm as part of their post-16 pathway programme.

"The children enjoy staying in the residential provision.  For some children this is the first time they have been in formal education for a long time.  It is a big achievement for children when they make progress in all areas of their development.  One professional commented 'I have seen the impact first hand of children coming into this school.  The difference in the educational progress and their social and emotional health is amazing'"
Ofsted January 2020


The Child Care Team is comprised of four units.  Each unit has a Leading Child Care Officer and is supported by Residential Child Care Officers. The qualified and experienced team of staff set and monitor SPICE targets throughout each term aiming to strengthen specific areas of development . The areas of development we work with are Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication and Emotional.

The vast range of good quality activities that are on offer to the pupils are designed to include the  promotion of the success of the SPICE targets. Each target is monitored on a daily basis and where possible an outcome recorded. The progress of these targets are reviewed within their Annual Review and six monthly IEP reviews.

"The 24-hour curriculum helps to continually reinforce the children's learning.  The school staff and residential staff work together to ensure that the skills children are working on are consistent in the school and the residential setting."
Ofsted January 2020

The residential aspect of the school offers a care package that promotes independence and life skills that the pupils build on throughout their time at Brompton Hall leading to independent living.

There are four units in school starting with :

  • Rosedale is a primary unit where the younger pupils reside. Play is the main focus within this unit developing the necessary Social, Physical, Intellectual, Communication and Emotional Skills they need in order to function within the classroom and socialise within their peer group. A highly supportive and nurturing environment meeting the emotional needs of such young pupils.
  • Langdale Unit is designed to meet the needs of pupils aged 11/12/13yrs. Play still features widely within this unit but a more independent approach is taken in order to encourage the beginnings of an independent young person.
  • Bransdale and Glaisdale Units are where the pupils grow in to young adults. Responsibility, maturity and individuality is developed within these units.  The pupils are supported with work experience and college placements often meaning reduced boarding in year 11.

The wraparound care package offers all pupils a keyworker and regular key working meetings. Along side this support the pupils are offered regular access to an Independent Advocacy Service. This service offers pupils the opportunity to speak with someone confidentially that is independent to the school.

There is a Parent Support Advisor attached to the school for additional family support if after assessment it is deemed necessary.

The Residential team work within a multi disciplinary framework having regular contact with Health Agencies, Children’s Social Care and CAMHS.

Staff work within North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board framework following their guidance from Working Together to Safeguard Children document. A copy of the Child Protection Policy can be provided upon request.