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Welcome to the Bransdale Unit

Bransdale Unit runs alongside Glaisdale Unit in meeting the needs of years 8 to 11, building and supporting the school day through our 24 hour curriculum.  Activities are designed to build on the knowledge and skills gained in previous units.  We look to develop independent life skills through activities such as cooking and swimming while trying also to incorporate a sense of teamwork and belonging.

Mr Bannister is the unit leader, supported by Mr Tomlinson, Mr Vaughan, and Miss Welburn.  The unit team are committed to supporting our young people whatever challenges they may face.

"I am very happy on Bransdale because we have a good laugh with the staff and there are loads of activities".
"I like that the staff trust me now I'm older.  I like that the staff don't judge me and support me when I need it.  It feels like being at home almost".
(Comments by two boys from Bransdale).

Unit Staff

Mr Bannister - Unit Leader Mr Tomlinson Miss Welburn Mr Vaughan

Bransdale Activities

Residential Trip Physical Activities Motorbikes Cooking & Baking Arts & Crafts Unit Life


We are committed to a whole school approach towards mental health and wellbeing and many of our activities are designed to support this.

Click on the logo to see how we work with our students, developing communication and interaction skills through the 24 hour curriculum.