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Physical Activities

Bransdale place a strong emphasis on sporting and physical activities, helping to promote an active and healthy lifestyle throughout the year. Individual activities help to develop self-confidence and physical fitness, while our team sports help the boys to work together, developing many different social skills. A wide range of different activities are offered so there is something for everyone to try.

"I like the sporting activities on Bransdale. The lads on the unit are good to have a laugh with.  The staff support me and listen when I struggle sometimes".

(Comment by one of the Bransdale boys).

Football and Futsal

Football is a firm favourite with many boys on the unit. Coaching sessions improve individual ability, improve confidence and help with teamwork. In the autumn and early spring term, Steve Brennan comes into school to provide Futsal training sessions. Steve is a highly qualified coach, and runs the Scarborough Football Scholarship scheme. Futsal is a fast moving game, with a strong emphasis on skills, technique and teamwork, again, it is very popular with a lot of our boys.

During the winter months, Bransdale play Glaisdale each Wednesday evening in an inter-unit five aside match.  The match is always closely fought and a weekly trophy is awarded.  This gives the boys a chance to demonstrate the skills and teamwork they learn in football and futsal.

Jacks Gym and Circuit Training

With a fully equipped Gym in school, including treadmills, stationary bikes and rowing machines, and a large range of weights, the chance to build fitness is always on offer. Boys usually attend once a week, with Mr Vaughan always available to offer a helping hand. 

Swimming & Bodyboarding

With Mr Vaughan, a fully qualified instructor as part of our unit staff, we are able to offer some great swimming sessions. Lots of our boys have been initially a bit water shy but with Mr Vaughan’s compassionate and caring guidance, they have developed both their water confidence and swimming ability. Towards the end of our sessions, all the boys have the chance to challenge themselves by attempting to swim as far as they can with badges and certificates awarded. In the summer, we try to take advantage of the local beaches, to take the boys bodyboarding. After spending the winter developing confidence in the pool, the boys are a lot more comfortable in the outdoor water. These activities lead on to our residential summer trip, where the boys are challenged more than ever in a wide range of different water based activities.

Archery and Hall Games

In the summer months we run archery sessions. These sessions are more relaxed but help to develop patience, hand eye coordination and a wide range of other different social skills. Hall games including dodgeball and bench ball, are run with an emphasis on fun while still helping to maintain a level of physical activity and teamwork.

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