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Welcome to the Glaisdale Unit

Glaisdale is the residential unit for the senior boys within school. The unit consists of up to ten residential boys ranging from Years 10 to 11, as well as an ever changing number of non-residential boys who are also attached to the unit. Here, Mr Sutton is the unit leader, supported by Ms Watson, Mr Craig, Ms Sellars and Mr Poole.

Glaisdale promotes a relaxed atmosphere which is designed to encourage all boys to develop self-awareness, responsibility and independence in preparation for them leaving. This is supported by our home-school transition program in Years 10 and 11.

Glaisdale Unit Staff:

We are committed to a whole school approach towards mental health and wellbeing and many of our activities are designed to support this.

Click on the logo to see how we work with our students, developing communication and interaction skills through the 24 hour curriculum.