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On Glaisdale unit the boys enjoy cooking and baking. Allowing the boys to pick what they want to cook, or bake allows them to be independent. We have cooked for all the unit and looked forward to doing this during cooking club in the future. The boys also like to get creative baking things such as Aero mint muffins or Terrys chocolate orange brownies. We will also be looking forward to doing some jammy dodger blondie and Oreo cakes in future too.

The boys continue to build on their basic numeracy and language skills whilst also being able to socialise with their peers. During cooking we like discuss the healthy aspect of the recipes or food and we also always look to see if there are ingredients that can be replaced to make the dish or tray bake a healthier option. We like to encourage the boys to make healthier food choices and therefore cooking and baking is a great club.