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Sports and Unit Activities

A multitude of sporting and other activities are available on Glaisdale unit, which help the boys develop team working skills and a lifelong love for sport. We hope that the boys enjoy the various activities so much that they continue to live a healthy lifestyle long after they have moved on from the unit.

Mr Poole’s Pool Tournament

Every week the boys will pit their wits against each other in order to win the coveted Mr Poole’s Pool Trophy. The boys enjoy this event and it great to see that all the time spent playing pool means that the standard of play is only going from strength to strength. The competition is fierce but we will always shake hands no matter what the result. The beauty of this tournament is the following week allows every player to try and take back the trophy. The motto of the club is “Never give up until the last ball falls”.


Harrogate Climbing Centre

Glaisdale boys have been offered the opportunity to take part in the fantastic sport of climbing.  We have taken the boys to the indoor Climbing Wall on a Monday evening at the Harrogate Climbing Centre for a couple of years so far. It is a six week course; if they achieve the required standard then they will receive the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme (NICAS). Some boys have been before and some are complete beginners. Harrogate Climbing Centre provide the equipment such as helmets, safety harnesses and ropes and we also had an instructor explaining what to do. Our sessions are one and a half hours long and we all had a go at three or four climbs using different coloured hand and foot holds according to how difficult we wanted to make it. The staff found that the boys surprised us with how nimble and agile they were and it showed us that no matter what size or build you are that it seems to make no difference as to how competent you can be. What we weren’t expecting was that it produces a lot of adrenaline or a big buzz as it is quite challenging mentally as well as physically, but most enjoyed it and said they would like to go again. 


Football and Rugby

Two new clubs have started recently.  The boys love football and rugby and they learn the values of cooperation and bonding as they play as a team.