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Cooking and Baking Club takes place each Tuesday evening during the winter activities and as a contingency for bad weather throughout the summer grid.

Most weeks between 3 and 5 boys take part. This involves being able to read and follow recipe instructions, work as a team or in pairs, encouraging peers and building self-esteem. In addition, we aim to teach boys how to stay safe working with equipment (knives, hot food, cooker).

The boys grow in confidence by enjoying the activity and achieve by making progress each week. The club has a positive impact not only on those taking part in the club, but the whole unit to thoroughly enjoy sharing what is made. We have also incorporated trying to develop a sense of multiculturalism by celebrating different special occasions in the religious calendar such as Diwali, Christmas, Easter, Samana Santa, Eid. The boys can take home creations they have made for all the family to enjoy.