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Out and About Club

The aim of Out and About Club is to develop the boy’s interest in outdoor activities.

Students will have the opportunity to go out with staff one evening a week, where we will explore our local area. We will visit places such as the beach, local forests, play areas and museums. During most of these visits, the students will be encouraged to play in a variety of different environments such as fields, woodlands and shallow water - all under staff supervision of course! During these activities, we will take time to look at our surroundings and the nature around us, we will learn about the areas we visit and what wildlife live there.

There is a different walk every week ranging from 4 miles building up to 8 miles. The boys will also learn how to work and make decisions within a group through map reading. This activity is open across Lansdale and Kirkdale units.

Walking helps keep staff and the boys stay healthy in mind as well as body, helping to boost your mood and self-esteem.