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Team Building

Team building is an ongoing activity that the boys take part in during the summer and winter terms on Kirkdale. The different activities the boys participate in has helped to encourage creativity, improve communication which has increased collaboration and reinforced positive relationships within the unit environment.

The activities that are set up are aimed to maximise fun and development whilst being age specific to KS1/2 children. This year has already seen the boy’s boat building skills, egg drops, arts and crafts, model building, den building and much more.

During the winter months when the bad weather sweeps in, we tend to use the school indoor facilities such as the hall and the games room. We play many different team games such as GaGa ball, bench ball, minesweeper, dodgeball, air hockey, and darts. We are also able to take the boys on out of school trips, either to the park, trampoline parks or the beach.

The boys thoroughly enjoy these activities and we make sure physical activities are offered every night throughout the week.