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Welcome to the Langdale Unit

Langdale is a 15 bed unit, catering for boys aged between 11 and 13. Here, Miss Hodgson is the unit leader, supported by Mr Shannon, Mr Poole, Mr Craven, Ms MacDonald and Ms Watson.  Here the children’s learning is centred around their play to further develop their social, emotional and academic skills, but we take this further and focus on independence, accountability and responsibility. This is also developed through the play choices the boys make and also through the day to day running of the unit.

Langdale Unit Staff

Langdale Activities

Active Kidz Arts and Crafts Cooking & Baking Trips & Visits


We are committed to a whole school approach towards mental health and wellbeing and many of our activities are designed to support this.

Click on the logo to see how we work with our students, developing communication and interaction skills through the 24 hour curriculum.