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Welcome to the Langdale Unit

Langdale is a 15-bed unit, catering for boys aged between 11 and 13. Here, Miss Hodgson is the unit leader, supported by Mr Shannon, Mr Scarth, Mr Craven, Mr Waines and Mrs Macdonald.  Here the children’s learning is centered around their play to further develop their social and emotional skills as well as supporting positive mental health and wellbeing. This also allows us to focus on independence, accountability and responsibility.

Langdale provide activities that support positive mental health by encouraging our boys to be in good physical health, getting regular exercise and eating a balanced diet. This is achieved through a range of activities such as cooking and baking along with team sports and games. We also realise that it is important to have time and the freedom to play indoors and out. Throughout the summer months our boys have the chance to go out and enjoy their environment and community at least twice a week, they also have the opportunity to join in with a vast array of onsite activities such as outdoor team building games, water play, nature trails and walking as well as mountain biking.

Langdale Unit Staff

Miss Hodgson Unit Leader Mr Shannon Miss Macdonald Mr Waines Mr Scarth Mr Craven

Langdale Activities

Active Kidz Arts, Crafts & Woodwork Cooking & Baking Trips & Visits


We are committed to a whole school approach towards mental health and wellbeing and many of our activities are designed to support this.

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