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Active Kidz

Langdale believe that a healthy and active mind and body contributes to great mental health and wellbeing.

There is not an evening goes by where Langdale are not utilizing the school grounds; the astro-turf, tennis courts or the school field. We also go off site to the local parks and beach for a change of scenery. Here we get stuck in to a diverse array of physical activities that either require individual or team efforts. All together they help promote self-confidence and self-esteem, physical fitness as well as encouraging everyone to work together, developing many social skills and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.

The activities range from football and hockey, rugby, tennis, softball, dodgeball to name a few. A simple session with the super soakers or hide and seek tig is a great form of physical activity whilst having fun.

Out & About Club

The Out and About Club made the most of our lovely beaches and countryside on a weekly basis, and took a group of boys out to play in the sea and the sand. Team building games are played, and lots of fun is had every time.

Outdoor and Indoor Sports

Indoor and outdoor sports are an important part of our activity schedule. The boys enjoy the team aspect of these games and thrive on the physical activity and the team sportsmanship.

Games Room

The Games Room is an excellent place for our students to build on their peer friendships, learn new skills and to have fun together in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.