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Cooking & Baking Club

Cooking & Baking Club

Cooking is always popular on Langdale whatever time of the year it is, although through the summer term we don’t cook every week as there is so much going on outside whilst the weather is good meaning the winter term is perfect to test our culinary skills. We have suggestion boards up in the unit where we ask for ideas on what they would like to cook, and we have had some weird and wonderful suggestions so far. We have had some excellent successful bakes such as beautiful cakes, quiches, pizzas and biscuits to name a few.


We also try to celebrate many differing cultures and religions, we recently celebrated the Chinese New Year with some wonderful home-made Chinese food for the boys to try out, these went down a treat and were enjoyed by one and all.

Some of the boys are showing real flair for cooking and are coming up with some fantastic ideas, as well as being enthusiastic and mature in their approach to the club.

Cooking & Baking Club on Langdale 2018-19