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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Unit Activities

The 24 hour curriculum on Langdale



The benefits of working with animals on improving mental health and wellbeing are well documented. Langdale Unit visited Welburn Hall School as part of their Summer 24 hour curriculum programme.

The boys loved giving Skye a bath, it proved relaxing for both the boys and the pony. Jamie was terrified of the ponies on his first visit here but has set himself little goals each week and managed to be able to stroke and bath the bigger of the two ponies, a huge achievement for him! Well done!

The boys have also spent some time feeding the piglets and watering the vegetables.  Outdoors and with the animals proved to be good therapy and has improved the mental wellbeing of the boys. 


Teamwork is a big part of the activities and staff at Welburn Hall agreed to show us some meditation techniques before we set off back to school.  The boys were asked to stand with their eyes closed and think about themselves, how they were feeling and what they could hear and smell. These are relaxation and breathing techniques that can be invaluable to health and wellbeing.