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Winter Activity Grid

Unit Activity Grid 2018/19 - Winter

 ROSEDALE  Nature/Art Filming Club Model Making Swimming / Trip out
 Lego Cars Puppets   Computer PS3 Lego club  Cooking Swimming / Trip Out
 Pre Tea  Life skills / board games Reading Games Room Swimming / Trip out
 ROSEDALE  Art Hall Games / Hide & seek Unit Film Night   (all staff) Swimming
 Air fix Models   Nerf Mania Unit Film Night   (all staff) Swimming
 Post Tea  PS3 Puppets Cars Dress up Hall Games  Unit Film Night   (all staff) Swimming
 Unit educational Games Support/admin Admin whilst film is on  
 LANGDALE  Art and Craft- seasonal /   cultural Bootcamp Team Games (astro/hall) Team Games(astro/hall)/Jacks Gym
 Unit support Cooking / Baking Admin for Life skills/2simple Art and Crafts
 Team Building (Hall) Bootcamp Team Games (astro/hall) Art and Craft
 Pre Tea  Team Building (Hall) Games room Woodwork Project Baking / Cooking 
  Arts and Crafts Life Skills Bronze (sewing etc) Board games / Team games
 LANGDALE  Unit based Unit Based Woodwork Project Computer club
 Dodgeball (Hall) Life Skills- Time/Money Games room / board games Art and Crafts / Film Club
 Dodgeball (Hall) Jack's Gym Swimming Unit Based/Art and Craft
 Post Tea   Board Games / Remote cars Swimming Film Club
  Arts and Crafts Star Gazing topic / Model Building Film Club
 KIRKDALE  Team Games Skills / Drills Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts
 Team Games Skills / Drills Life Skills( Bronze) Unit play, board games, computers
 Pre Tea   Cooking Shopping  Team Games Kwik Cricket, 
 Board Games     Passing drills, football.
 KIRKDALE  Games room Cooking    
 Games room Bootcamp / Jacks Gym Film Club Arts & Crafts
 Post Tea  Unit Play lego, ps3 Bootcamp / Jacks Gym Film Club Model Building
 Unit Play lego, ps3 board   games   Admin Life Skills
 BRANSDALE  Unit Based Unit Based Unit Based Cooking / Baking
 Unit Games Jacks Gym Jacks Gym Circuit Training (Main Hall)
 Pre Tea  Shopping (Cooking Club) Games Room Jacks Gym Unit Based
 Unit Games Games Room Motorbike Maintenance Games Room
 BRANSDALE  Futsal Swimming Unit Based Film Club
 Futsal Swimming Design & Technology Unit Based
 Post Tea  Unit Based Swimming Art & Craft / Life Skills Guitar
 Futsal Swimming Motorbike Maintenance Film Club
 GLAISDALE  Indoor Climbing /   Swimming Life Skills Bronze Cooking / Gym Motorbike Maintenance
 Indoor Climbing /   Swimming      Garden Club Football  Woodwork / Gardening
 Pre Tea  Games room      Woodwork / Crafts Board Games Football
 Art & Craft Snooker Life Skills Bronze Board Games
    Football    Science, Music & Lego Clubs
 GLAISDALE  Indoor Climbing /   Swimming   Life Skills Bronze   Boxercise Snooker / Unit
 Gym   Shopping (Cooking) / Gym Games Room Woodwork / Crafts 
 Post Tea  Indoor Climbing /   Swimming    Football  Football Football
 Life Skills Bronze      Hall Games Art & Craft Film Club