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Work Experience 

We would like to thank all of the employers who support our students by offering and assisting in our work experience placements.

We over our students in Year 10 a work experience placement in October and June of one week and our Year 11 students one week in October and two weeks in June. 

We endeavour to utilise the skills and knowledge of ex-students, staff, parents and the local community to inspire and raise the aspirations of all students – if you feel that you could offer an exciting work placement opportunity for any of our student, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Cooke via  

Careers Fair 

We would like to thank all those employers and post 16 and 18 providers who supported our recent Careers Fair held in March 2022. We plan to host careers events throughout the year where our pupils and parents or carers have the opportunity to learn more about the world of work and education and training opportunities.

If you feel that you have something to offer the schools careers programme, during the careers fair, career talks or visits or work experience placements please do not hesitate to contact Mr Cooke via

Enterprise Advisor

Paul Griffiths - STEM Ambassador and Adviser

After being inspired by secondary school physics teacher and my father (an engineer) I decided to investigate becoming an engineer.  When I finished school, I was lodging in Manchester after my parents had moved to Pickering so I had to find a job remotely.  I was successful in obtaining and apprentice overhead linesman post which was subsequently changed to multi-skilled electrician.  I really enjoyed my apprenticeship and realised that I had made the right decision.  Working with older, highly skilled staff encouraged me to investigate other engineering opportunities and I moved to RAF Fylingdales as a maintenance electrician and was soon promoted to Professional & Technology Officer.  I was transferred to RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire and took on many additional interesting roles – Energy Conservation Manager, Apprentice Master and Health & Safety Officer.  I attended the Royal School of Military Engineering for an Electrical to Mechanical Conversion course to become a Mechanical and electrical engineer.  I loved every minute of my working life! 

I then moved to Scarborough to work for Dale Electric and then on to Yorkshire Water to broaden my experience.  I then realised that I wanted to start my own engineering business – Danemead Technical Services in 1987.  The company grew to £1.5M in 2 years and I found I needed computer software system to operate the equipment and started a Software company with a friend.  This again was very successful and very satisfying.  Both companies were later sold to an international company.  I then commenced work as a freelance consultant working throughout the UK and Europe and was very happy in this role.  I have now retired and undertake a lot of voluntary work with local organisations and schools.  A fantastic and satisfying career which I could not have planned better!!  I now hope to transfer my knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to students to encourage them to work hard, be inquisitive and have ambition. They should not be frightened to take some risk and aim high.