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SPG 2016

Developments for 2015-16:

The carry forward from Sports Grant funding to-date: £3,607.73

These funds are going towards the design and installation of a new athletics area, including a long jump runway & pit, discus circle and javelin throw area to improve the sporting learning experience of all pupils across the school this academic year. 


Sports grant received in 2016
Total amount of grant received during 2015-16


Total funds carried forward towards redevelopment of athletics facilities from previous years



Special Schools Sports Partnership


Golf Coaching


Swimming for Junior classes


Installation of athletics facilities


Sports expenditure



At the beginning of the swimming sessions 4 out of the 14 pupils were classed as non-swimmers and were unable to swim unaided. At the end of the 6 weeks 85% of the boys attending the full 6 week course were able to swim at least one width unaided and 79% of the boys were able to swim a length.


All the boys within the school have represented the school at a sports partnership event and inter school competition.  Impacting hugely on their social development.


All boys from year 7 and 8 accessed professional golf coaching. The Year 8 group had previously accessed the coaching the previous year and thoroughly enjoyed the lessons again building on their skills learned. For 7 out of the 9 Year 7 pupils this was a new activity and all said they would like to play the sport again.


The funds of £5273 that have been carried forward from the previous 3 year’s sports grants have been used to redevelop the school athletics facilities. All 54 pupils from Key stage 2, 3 and 4 have benefitted from the new athletics facilities which have been used for both long jump and triple jump. The runway has also been used as a solid surface to perform the shot put and javelin. As a result, all boys have made progress by improving their techniques for each discipline and distances recorded.