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Risk Assessment

School Prevent Risk Assessment




Brompton Hall School

Safeguarding Manager:


Date of Initial Assessment:

March 2016

Date of Review: March 2019

Date for next review:

March 2020

Risk Area Hazard Severity (A)


Likelihood (B) 1-5 Risk Rating

A x B

Existing Measures Proposed Actions Risk Owner Completion Date
Welfare & Safeguarding Staff or contracted providers are not aware of the school procedure for handling concerns  and/or do not feel comfortable sharing issues internally 3 1 3 Staff (inc. Governors) have received appropriate training and are familiar with the school safeguarding policy. Roles & responsibilities for all staff are displayed on the school website and included in staff induction programmes Continue to ensure that all staff or contracted providers are aware of the school procedures in relation to safeguarding SMT On-going
Learners are radicalised by factors internal or external to the school 3 2 6 Learners have received guidance / awareness as part of the whole school PSHE programme, assemblies and Life Skills programme Continue to deliver guidance through the curriculum programme and maintain close links with home via regular communication All Staff:


Care Team

The school is not linked in with statutory partners and/or does not feel comfortable sharing extremism related concerns externally 4 1 4 The school communicates regularly with statutory partners regarding a range of concerns Continue to communicate regularly with statutory partners SY / RL On-going




Curriculum & Learning

Learners are exposed by school staff or contracted providers to messaging supportive of terrorism or which contradicts ‘British Values’ 4 1 4 Appropriate whistleblowing and safeguarding policies for assessing concerns raised by staff or learners. Opportunities to promote British Values are clearly identified within all curriculum areas Continue to follow the role and responsibilities outlined on the school website for promoting British Values; British Values & SMSC tracked through 2BuildaProfile tracking software SMT

All Staff

Behaviours which harm the ability of different groups / individuals to learn and work together are left unchallenged 4 1 4 The school’s values and communication of these within the premises and through the curriculum Continue to challenge negative behaviours and reinforce the school’s values SMT

All Staff

Access to chemicals 4 1 1 Only Science teaching staff have a key to access the chemical store and this room is kept locked. All chemicals within the store are secured in lockable lockers. All COSSH guidelines are followed Continue to ensure that only identified staff have access to the chemical store and staff continue to adhere to COSSH policies / procedures Science Staff On-going
Organisational Culture Staff or contracted providers are not aware of / do not subscribe to the values of the school 3 1 3 Recruitment and induction programmes and on-going staff development


Safer Recruitment procedures followed


DBS single point of entry

Continue to review and evaluate the effectiveness of current recruitment and induction programmes / staff CPD cycle SMT On-going
Staff are unable to raise extremism related organisational concerns due to the lack of an appropriate whistleblowing mechanism 3 1 3 Appropriate whistleblowing policy and awareness raising training provided to all staff Appropriate policies well established and training provided to all staff as part of the annual induction / CPD programmes SMT On-going
Management of Space Learners / staff are exposed by visiting speakers to messaging supportive of terrorism – or which contradicts ‘British Values’ of individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those of different faiths / beliefs 3 1 3 Guest speakers are signed in and collected by a member of staff – they are not left alone with learners during their visit

Learners to experience multi-faith visits as part of the school RE curriculum

Continue to follow current safeguarding policies and procedures All Staff On-going
Extremist or terrorist related material is displayed within school premises 0 0 0 Regular reviews of all display areas undertaken by SMT through learning walks, display checks, etc Continue to monitor all display areas regularly SMT On-going
School premises are used to host events supportive of terrorism, or which popularise hatred or intolerance of those with particular protected characteristics 2 1 2 Premises booking policy which sets out arrangements for external organisations – final approval given by Headteacher Continue to follow current policy arrangements SMT On-going
ICT and Online Access Learners access extremist or terrorist material whilst using school networks 2 1 2 SchoolsICT network filtering in place – underpinned by NYCC adopted policies with regards to ICT use Continue to review provision and update relevant polices as per the school policy schedule


Smoothwall report received by SMT on a daily basis; content reviewed / any issues addressed immediately and logged (including actions taken)

SMT On-going
Online / social media communications relating to extremist or terrorist material featuring the school’s branding 2 1 2 The school has oversight of social media accounts set up.


Social Media Use policy in place for all staff

Continue to monitor / review social media accounts and update relevant polices as per the school policy schedule SMT On-going


Framework Summary Description
Whole school consistent approach a
School leadership and management make e-safety a priority across all areas of the school.

All teaching and non-teaching staff can recognise and are aware of e-safety issues. Every member of staff needs to be aware of the risks posed by the online activity of extremist and terrorist groups.

High priority is given to training in e-safety, extending expertise widely and building internal capacity. The Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Head of Care have attended WRAP training.

The contribution of pupils, parents, carers and the wider school community is valued and integrated.

Robust and integrated reporting routines a There are school-based reporting routes which are clearly understood.

Staff and students are aware of the CEOP buttons via school assemblies and e-safety workshops. There are clear and respected routes to key members of staff.

Staff are aware of the steps that will be taken if they report suspicions about a child demonstrating extremist behaviour.

Staff a Regular and up-to-date e-safety training is supplied through the annual CPD schedule.

There is one member of staff with a higher level of awareness.

Staff are aware how e-safety training ties in with Prevent training.

Policies a E-safety policies and procedures are in place, contributed to the whole school, updated regularly and ratified by Governors.

Within the e-safety policy, includes the need for schools to ensure that children are safe from terrorist and extremist material when accessing the internet in school.

Education a There is an age-appropriate curriculum that is flexible, relevant and engages pupils’ interest; it is used to promote e-safety.

Being able to spot the signs of radicalisation online included

Infrastructure a Recognised internet service provider used.

Suitable filtering in place.

Monitoring & Evaluation a Risk assessment is taken seriously and used to good effect in promoting e-safety.

The school is aware of the increased risk of online radicalisation, as terrorist organisations such as ISIL seek to radicalise young people through the use of social media and the internet.

Local authority and police provide contextual information to help the school understand the risk in our area.

Data is used effectively to assess the impact of e-safety practice and how this informs whole school strategy

Management of Personal Data            The impact level of personal data is understood and data is managed securely and in accordance with the statutory requirements of the General Data Protection Act 2018


 a    - in place

        - under review