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Y7 CUG 2018-19

Catch Up Funding 

In the academic years 18-19 Brompton Hall School received £3600 in Year 7 Catch Up funding.

In their first half term of Key Stage 3 every Year 7 student completes a Star Reading and Maths Assessment, Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs), Single Word Spelling and Access Reading Test to identify any emerging needs. This information is used to provide targeted support to individual and small groups of students.

In allocating this fund, we consider those students who:

  • Have not met age expected levels in reading and/or mathematics in Key Stage 2.
  • Assessments indicate that they are not making expected progress
  • Have missed a considerable amount of KS2 curriculum time
  • Have been identified as having specific needs or areas in need of development
  • May benefit from further assessment to identify specific areas of need.

The funding will be used to provide a range of small group and 1:1 interventions consisting of:

  • Small group work sessions using phonics and reading intervention
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Handwriting/SPaG Programmes
  • 1:1 Literacy and numeracy intervention or support
  • STAR Maths
  • Dyslexia screening
  • Well being/Counselling sessions
  • Mentor/Keyworker sessions