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Key Stage 2

Intent, Implementation and Impact


In Key Stage 2 at Brompton Hall School we aim to provide students with classrooms that offer a safe, happy and fun learning environment.  We strive to engage the boys in as many positive learning experiences as possible. Specially organised work is carried out to help to develop our pupils’ confidence and build on social and emotional skill as well as their academic education. All pupils have full access to all of the National Curriculum subjects. Lessons may be planned and taught as discrete subjects or when appropriate may be taught as part of a cross curricular termly topic which is designed to teach the pupils about the wider world through engaging, fun lessons.


There are 3 Key Stage 2 classes as follows:

Nurture Program
The pupils who access the Nurture Program are the students who we feel need guiding back into education or a more nurturing approach to learning.  In this small group the pupils take part in activities designed to meet their academic targets alongside a strong focus on developing positive self-image, resilience, empathy, confidence and social interaction skills.

Year 3 – 5
This classroom is for the pupils aged between 8-10 who we feel need to follow the national curriculum in a more structured manner.

Year 6
This class is a happy learning environment where pupils who are identified as candidates for the SATs test will carry out preparations work and transition work ready for Key Stage 3.

Most Year 3-6 lessons are taught within the primary department but are complemented by specialist teaching in some areas such as Music, Physical Education, Science and Art.

All pupil’s individual educational and behavioural special needs are carefully considered when planning and differentiating each lesson to ensure that pupils are set achievable yet challenging activities and tasks.

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