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Our Aims

  1. To deliver our Science Curriculum through a variety of challenging activities.
  2. To encourage and develop the key attitudes of co-operation, responsibility and independent learning.
  3. To widen our students’ horizons and experience of the scientific world, so that they appreciate the role of  Science in their everyday lives.
  4. To help our students develop a positive attitude towards Science and improve their capability through both      independent and collaborative working.
  5. To enable students to achieve their individual potential at an appropriate level for their age, ability and emotional /      behavioural difficulties.

Key Stage 3: National Curriculum studied over 2 years

In Years 7 & 8 our students follow our in-house, bespoke Science curriculum. ‘Big’ questions are asked and our students undertake a variety of practical investigations, experiments and other tasks to discover the ‘answers’ for themselves! We believe this approach ensures our students have the practical and analytical skills to achieve further future success at Key Stage 4. Students are assessed through a variety of methods throughout the duration of the KS3 programme of study. Feedback is provided for students, parents and carers to enable all students to achieve their potential in Science.

Key Stage 4: BTEC First in Applied Science: Principles of Applied Science

                       BTEC First in Applied Science: Application of Science

Students are entered for externally assessed awards as appropriate at the end of the course. Students follow the BTEC First in Applied Science: Principles of Applied Science Level 2 qualification. This 2 year course provides a practical; real-world approach to learning without sacrificing science understanding. It provides our students with the necessary skills to move onto higher education or go straight into employment. Those students who are able will also follow the BTEC First in Applied Science: Application of Science Level 2 qualification.

Students study selected modules and present evidence based on actual work and studies. Through these modules there are plenty of opportunities to demonstrate skills and knowledge through written assignments, presentations, practicals and ICT tasks. Teamwork, time management, independent learning and communication skills are some of the key features developed by our students throughout the duration of the course. All students are encouraged to ‘aim high’ and meet their full potential within each assignment they complete and additional support is available to those students who need it.

The majority of the work is completed during lessons, however some units also involve work outside particularly in the new garden/outdoor class room. Throughout the BTEC there are opportunities to go on trips, listen to visiting speakers and get involved in real life situations.

The BTEC qualification does

  1. provide opportunities for our students to acquire technical and employability skills, knowledge and understanding which are transferable and will enable individuals to meet changing circumstances;
  2. give opportunities for our students to focus on the development of the major key skills and the wider key skills in      context, such as improving their own learning and performance and working with others;
  3. increase the opportunities for our students to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attributes essential for successful performance in working life.

Qualification Pathway: BTEC First Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Principles of Applied Science 600/4787/2