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 2016/17 Curriculum Plan


 Term  Class



Numeracy Life Skills British Values ICT
 Autumn Term: HT1 ALP

 Functional Skills:


 Morphology and  Etymology

 Facts and Opinions

 Functional Skills:

 Number and Place  Value

 Time and Money


 Life Skills Passport:

 Look after your  belongings

 Personal Hygiene

 Citizenship activities -  The Emergency Services

 Changes in technology

 Using search engines

 Autumn Term: HT2

 Functional Skills:

 Reading  Comprehension

 Different types of texts

 Functional Skills:

 Negative Numbers



 Life Skills Passport:

 Reading recipes

 Shopping lists

 Answering the phone

 Personal Safety and  Positive Relationships

 Input and output

 Presenting data

 Spring Term: HT1 ALP

 Functional Skills:

 Using dictionaries and  thesaurus'

 Writing formal letters

 Functional Skills:




 Life Skills Passport:

 Outside tasks

 Watering the garden


 Cooking regional dishes

 Being positive about  food - balanced diet

 Using technology safely

 Spring Term: HT2

 Functional Skills:

 Spelling strategies

 TipTop paragraghs

 Writing for purpose

 Articles and Reviews

 Functional Skills:

 Fractions, decimals and  percentages



 Life Skills Passport:

 Cleaning chores

 Internet safety


 Democracy and the  Rule  of Law

 Developing  computational thinking  skills

 Summer Term: HT1 ALP

 Functional Skills:

 Speaking and Listening  Assessment

 Persuasive Writing

 Functional Skills:


 Finding the mean



 Career Prospects

 Career Pathways

 What is individual  liberty?

 Microsoft Office  Package  - positives and  negatives

 Summer Term: HT2

 Functional Skills:

 Exam preparation and  revision

 Functional Skills:

 Exam preparation and  revision

 Independent Living  tasks

 Personal Goals

 How does politics affect  you?

 Email and Social  networking