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Careers Overview

Careers are taught to Years 9, 10 and 11 with all classes accessing 1 period a week. Careers education at Brompton Hall encourages the pupils to prepare for their future lives. In developing career management skills, students will increasingly become aware of choices they and others are making in the preparation for the world of work after school.

The careers curriculum is designed to promote discussion and reflection upon aspects such as personal development, coping with transition, lifelong learning and the meaning of ‘work’.

This subject develops decision making skills, preparing the pupils for work experience placements, and including health and safety in the work place. It focuses on the two main strands of employability; the initial preparation for employment and the skills for career management.

Qualification Pathway 2015-16

From September 2016 all the year 11 boys will be following a GCSE short course preparation for working life qualification

Exam board: AQA

Qualification code: 4900 (from September 2016)

View the School's Careers Policy here

Year 10 Work Experience - 2016