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Food & Textiles Studies  

Food and Textile Studies are important keys for the acquisition of life skills that all our students need if they are to achieve a degree of independence as adults. Students are helped to develop their abilities, to plan ahead, and to manage their time and resources.

Through designing, making and evaluating, students learn to become independent and creative thinkers, able to problem solve and make informed decisions about the suitability of products for different consumers’ needs. We aim to deliver a broad range of practical skills, underpinned with a solid knowledge base about ingredients or materials and appropriate processes and techniques. Students learn the value of co-operation and enjoy the personal success and responsibility of individual and team work.

In Year 4 – 8 students will design and make a variety of products from Fruit Salad to Pizza in Food Studies and from Cushions to Hats in Textiles Studies.

In Year 9 students are entered for AQA Unit Awards in Food. These cover topics from health and safety to evaluating existing products, as well as a range of practical tasks.

At Key Stage 4, students will follow a BTEC course in Home Cooking skills.  This recognises the importance of practical work and helps students develop their creativity, with making of food products a vital feature of their experience of taking this course. It also requires students to apply their knowledge and understanding when developing ideas, planning meals, making dishes and evaluating them.


Qualification Pathway 2017-18: BTEC Home Cooking Skills

Key Stage 3 Food Studies

Key Stage 4 Food Studies