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During Key stage 3 all boys learn about the world around them as historians and geographers.  History and Geography courses follow the National Curriculum guidelines for Key Stage 3 and, where possible, lessons in school are supported by visits and field work.

In History boys discover facts such as dates and names but also learn to ask questions about their sources and to consider different ways of interpreting these.  They assess the influence on today’s world of events and people from as far back as William Conqueror to Nelson Mandela.  Geography includes skills such as map reading alongside issues such as our changing planet and environment and knowledge of facts about continents and countries.

Qualification Pathway 2016-17

At KS4 we offer two qualifications: Edexcel History (Entry Level) and Edexcel Travel and Tourism (Entry Level 3)

Pupils in years 7, 8 and 9 studying history and geography