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Media Studies

Media Studies is studied in Year 11; pupils will undertake the full AQA GCSE.  This consists of two units:

  • Unit 1:  ‘Investigating the Media’ (external exam)
  • Unit 2:  ‘Understanding the Media’ (controlled assessment)

The AQA GCSE Media Studies course makes learning interesting, challenging, creative and fun. It offers rigorous but accessible learning on a subject of key importance for young people’s understanding of the world they experience.  It offers extensive and meaningful coverage of media theory and practice; practical work which integrates theories and concepts; a choice of assignments for production and pre-production; the chance to study across a range of different media; opportunities to learn about real media products and industries and opportunities for progression, especially to GCE Media Studies


All pupils have access to a computer in the English classroom.  Cameras and other media equipment, such as video recording equipment is available when needed.


Unit 1, ‘Investigating the Media’ is a written paper (external exam) taken in June and is worth 40% of the overall grade and unit 2, ‘Understanding the Media’ is controlled assessment taken from banks of set assignments and is worth 60%.


These are examples of Year 11 'production' portfolios