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Welcome to the Transition into Adulthood Unit (TiA)

Brompton Hall School will be offering from September 2018, places for Year 10 & 11 learners, who have been unable to gain education places elsewhere in North Yorkshire and beyond through our ‘Transition into Adulthood (TiA) programme. Learners will access bespoke curriculum pathways, based on the individual SEN targets outlined in their EHCP documentation, underpinned with appropriate intervention programmes overseen by our SENCo and supported with regular ‘1to1’ meetings with our Specialist Careers Advisor. 

+16 Transition Planning 

Specialist Careers Advisor to:

  • Oversee the development / implementation of individual Careers Action plans via 1:1 Careers meetings.
  • Liaise with parents / carers regarding college open days, etc.

Outcomes: Success for All 

All learners will successfully complete a range of qualifications during their time on the TiA programme, to ensure they are able to access college courses or gain employment post-16. All learners will successfully complete a range of work experience placements, the purpose of which is to “provide an opportunity to students to gain practical experience. develop workplace skills and increase their self confidence”

Timing:  The unit is open from 9:15 am until 3:30 each day although student attendance will be set on an individual basis. After an initial period a programme is developed which may include college and/or work experience.

The school day is very flexible to accommodate the individual learning of each pupil.

School Day:

  • 9.15am - Arrive/Tutor Time
  • 9.30am - Session 1
  • 10.20am - Break
  • 10.40am - Reading Session
  • 11.00am - Session 2
  • 11.50am - Session 3
  • 12.40pm - Lunch
  • 1.30pm - Session 4
  • 2.30pm - Working towards Individual Action Plan targets and Life Skills
  • 3:30pm - End of school day*

*1:30pm on a Friday

Typical Student Profile:

  • Key Stage 4 Y10 - Y11
  • EHCP 
  • Behavioural Needs/SEMH
  • Diagnoses of Autism, ODD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia
  • Attended a number of previous learning providers
  • Prefers smaller classes and 1:1 support
  • Speech and Language Difficulties
  • Youth Justice Involvement
  • Processing Difficulties
  • Gaps in education due to frequent/prolonged absence

Curriculum: Each boy will have a varied individualised Programme of Study which may include work to entry or GCSE level, partial integration in the main school for certain lessons, input from the school’s other specialist teachers, work experience placements and vocational college courses.