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 2017/18 Curriculum Plan


 Term  Class 



Numeracy Life Skills British Values ICT
 Autumn Term: HT1 ALP

Functional Skills Reading: Select, read, understand,
and compare a variety of different texts.

Number: Structure and Calculation. Fractions, decimals, amd percentages. Measures & Accuracy.

Life Skills Passport: Looking after your belongings. Personal Hygiene.

Citizenship activities - The Emergency Services.

Introduction of ECDL Qualification - Registration and Familiarsation.

 Autumn Term: HT2

Functional Skills Reading: Gather
information, ideas,
arguments, and opinions from texts.

Algebra: Notation, Vocabulary, Graphs, Solving Equations, Sequences, and Manipulation.

Life Skills Passport: Reading recipes. Shopping lists. Answering the phone.

Being Safe - Personal Safety and Positive Relationships.

Word Processing: Enter and combine text. Create and modify layout. WP Software.

  Spring Term: HT1 ALP

Functional Skills Writing: Write a range of texts,
including extended
written documents.

Statistics: Ratio, Proportion, and Rates of Change. Probability. Statistics.

Life Skills Passport: Outside tasks. Watering the garden. Weeding/planting.

British Food/Culture - Cooking regional dishes of the UK and Religious Food/Festival Food.

Spreadsheet Software:  Enter, edit and organise data. Use formulas and present information.

 Spring Term: HT2

Functional Skills Writing: Write information, ideas & opinions, effectively & persuasively.

Geometry and Measures: Properties and Constructions.

Life Skills Passport: Cleaning chores. Internet safety. Budgeting.

Politics - Democracy and the Rule of Law.

Presentation Software: Input and combine texts. Format slides and prepare slideshow.

 Summer Term: HT1 ALP

Functional Skills Speaking and Listening: Informal Discussions.

Geometry and Measures: Measurement and Calculation. Vectors.

Future Prospects: Employability Skills. Career Prospects. Careers Pathways.

Freedom - What is individual liberty?

Improving Productivity using IT: Review and adapt use of IT tools.

 Summer Term: HT2

Functional Skills Speaking and Listening: Formal Discussions. Exam Preparation.

Exam Preparation: Revision, re-capping, Reviewing. Practice papers.

Building Independence: Work Experience. The Highway Code. CV Writing.

Religion - What is Religion? Diversity and Faith.

Improving Productivity using IT: Develop and test ongoing use of IT systems and tools.