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Scheme of Delegation

North Yorkshire County Council


Scheme of delegation to the Head Teacher, committees, and individual governors.


Level 1: Full governing body

Level 2: A committee of the governing body

Level 3: An individual governor

Level 4: Headteacher.

Column blank:  Action could be undertaken at this level.

Column blocked off:  Function cannot be legally carried out at this level.

*Although decisions may be delegated, the governing body as a whole remains responsible for any decision made under delegation*



Decision Level

Function No Tasks                                                             





Budgets 1 To approve the first formal budget plan each financial year   x    
  2 To monitor monthly expenditure.     x  
  3 To establish a charging and remissions policy   x    
  4 Miscellaneous financial decisions       x
  5 To enter into contracts (GB may wish to agree financial limits)       x
  6 To make payments       x
Staffing 7 Headteacher appointments (selection panel) x      
  8 Deputy appointments (selection panel) x      
  9 Appoint other teachers       x
  10 Appoint non teaching staff       x
  11 Agree a pay policy   x    
  12 Pay discretions   x    
  13 Establishing disciplinary/capability procedures   x    
  14 Dismissal of headteacher x      
  15 Dismissal of other staff   x    
  16 Suspending head x      
  17 Suspending staff (except head)       x
  18 Ending suspension (head) x      
  19 Ending suspension (except head)   x    
  20 Determining staff complement   x    
  21 In voluntary and foundation schools to agree whether or not the Chief Education Officer/diocesan authority should have advisory rights na      
  22 Determining dismissal payments/ early retirement x      
Curriculum 23 Ensure National Curriculum (NC) taught to all pupils and to consider any disapplication for pupil(s)


  24 To establish a curriculum policy       x
  25 To implement curriculum policy       x
  26 To agree or reject and monitor curriculum policy   x    
  27 Responsible for standards of teaching       x
  28 To decide which subject options should be taught having regard to resources, and implement provision for flexibility in the curriculum (including activities outside school day)       x
  29 Responsibility for individual child’s education       x
  30 Provision of sex education – to establish and keep up to date a written policy   x    
  31 To prohibit political indoctrination and ensuring the balanced treatment of political issues       x
  32 To establish a charging and remissions policy for activities (non NC based)   x    
Performance Management 33 To formulate a performance management policy   x    
  34 To establish a performance management policy   x    
  35 To implement the performance management policy   x    
  36 To review annually the performance management policy   x    
Target Setting 37 To set and publish targets for pupil achievement   x    
Discipline/Exclusions 38 To establish a discipline policy   x    
  39 To review the use of exclusion and to decide whether or not to confirm all permanent exclusions and fixed term exclusions where the pupil is either excluded for more than 15 days in total in a term or would lose the opportunity to sit a public examination.  (Can be delegated to chair/vice-chair in cases of urgency)   x    
  40 To direct reinstatement of excluded pupils (Can be delegated to chair/vice-chair in cases of urgency)   x    
Admissions 41 To consult annually before setting an admissions policy (but in community and controlled schools only where the LA has delegated this power to the governing body) na      
  42 To consult annually before setting an admissions policy (VA and Foundation schools) na      
  43 To establish an admissions policy (special schools where pupils do not have a statement) acting with LA na      
  44 Admissions: application decisions (but in community and controlled schools only where the LA has delegated this power to the governing body) na      
  45 Admissions: application decisions (VA, Foundation and special schools) na      
  46 To appeal against LA directions to admit pupil(s) (Voluntary, Foundation and special schools; also community and VC schools where LA is the admissions authority) na      
Religious Education 47 Responsibility for ensuring provision of RE in line with school’s basic curriculum (all schools)

NB this must fall into line with locally agreed syllabus

  48 Decision to revert to previous RE syllabus (Foundation Schools except VA of religious character) na      
  49 Decision to provide RE according to trust deed/specified denomination in VA schools with religious character (Foundation and VC schools of religious character at request of parents na      
  50 Decision to provide RE in line with locally agreed syllabus (VA schools – only if parents request it. All other schools not covered in 49 above)   x    
Collective Worship 51 In all maintained schools to ensure that all pupils take part in a daily act of collective worship (after consulting GB)       x
  52 To make application to the advisory councils, SACRE, concerning the requirements for collective worship (schools without a religious character) to disapply (after consulting GB)       x
  53 Arrangements for collective worship (schools without religious character (after consulting GB)       x
  54 Arrangements for collective worship in  Foundation schools of religious character, VC or VA schools (after consulting head) na      
Premises  & Insurance 55 Buildings insurance and personal liability– GB to seek advice from LA, diocese or trustees where appropriate (it is suggested that the GB as a whole should be involved in this decision)    x    
  56 Developing school buildings strategy or master plan and contributing as required to LA Asset Management Planning arrangements  (it is suggested that the GB as a whole should undertake this decision)   x    
  57 Procuring and maintaining buildings, including developing properly funded maintenance plan   x    
Health & Safety 58 To institute a health and safety policy  (in community and VC schools this would be the LA) x      
  59 To ensure that health and safety regulations are followed       x
School Organisation 60 To publish proposals to change category of school na      
  61 Proposal to alter or discontinue voluntary foundation or foundation special school na      
  62 To set the times of school sessions and the dates of school terms and holidays except in community and VC schools where it is the LA x      
  63 To ensure that the school meets for   380 sessions in a school year x      
  64 To ensure that school lunch nutritional standards are met where provided by the governing body.       x
Information For Parents 65 To prepare and publish the school prospectus   x    
  66 To prepare and publish the school profile   x    
  67 To ensure provision of free school meals to those pupils meeting the criteria       x
  68 Adoption and review of home-school agreements   x    
GB Procedures 69 To draw up instrument of government and any amendments thereafter x      
  70 To appoint (and remove) the chair and vice-chair of a permanent or a temporary governing body x      
  71 To appoint and dismiss the clerk to the governors x      



To hold a full governing body meeting at least three times in a school year or a meeting of the temporary governing body as often may require   x      
  73 To appoint and remove community or sponsor governors. x      
  74 To set up a Register of Governors’ Business Interests x      
  75 To approve and set up a Governors Expenses Scheme   x    
  76 To discharge duties in respect of pupils with special needs by appointing a “responsible person” in community, voluntary and Foundation Schools   na    
  77 To consider whether or not to exercise delegation of functions to individuals or committees x      


78 To regulate the GB procedures (where not set out in law) x      
Federations 79 To consider forming a federation or joining an existing federation x      
  80 To consider requests from other schools to join the federation x      
  81 To leave a federation x      
Extended Schools 82* To decide to offer additional activities and to what form these should take x      
  83 To put into place the additional services provided       x
  84 To carry out risk assessments and manage Health and Safety implications       x


To ensure delivery of services provided       x
  86* To cease providing extended school provision  x      
  87 To review the serious incident report book.     x  
  88 To review the report of the inspection of residential accommodation.   x    

 *Although these tasks are open to delegation under the Education (School Government)(Terms of Reference) (England) Regulations 2000, the expectation would be that these decisions would be undertaken by the full Governing Body.