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Link Governors

 Laura Pinder  Technology (Resistant Materials)  Ed Dalby
 Karen Latus  Science  Gerard Wardell
 Rebecca Wood  Humanities, Music  Barry Honeysett
 Simon Dale  P.E., ICT, Careers, Website,  Barry Honeysett
 Katy Brepi  Year 4 & 5

 Christmas Production

 Megan Suggitt
 Sophie Knight  Year 6  Megan Suggitt
 Helen Sissons  English, Media Studies, Library  Ed Dalby
 Wendy Mitchell  Food Technology, Textiles  Kaye Alcock
 Beata Brough  Mathematics  Gerard Wardell
 Sharon Young  Curriculum and Assessment  Ed Dalby
 Carol Foster  Art, Photography  Ed Dalby
 Carolyn Ward  PSHE, Spanish, SEN  Zoe Grier-Hall
 Bob Tuffin, Al Sutton,   Sarah Hodgson,   Warren Foster, John   Bannister  24 Hr Curriculum (Activities & Residential including NMS),   Gerard Wardell
 Karen Latus  Health & Safety (including Educational Visits Coordinator)  Barry Honeysett
 Sharon Young  Special Needs and reviews  Kaye Alcock
 Rachel Lightfoot  Child Protection

 Looked after children

 Kaye Alcock