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Head Teacher's Blog - Sharon Young


Spring Term Update

Posted 11/2/2015

As you can tell Blog writing is a development that has really got off the ground for me yet. Still I have recently been encouraged to communicate more by this means so I intend to try to keep this section more up to date.

I was looking at this and realised I wasn’t even sure where the word Blog came from – although of course I knew what it was. Looking it up on the internet gave me a first definition of Blog as being: “A character from The Lord of the Rings that ruled the northern goblins for about 150 years and led an army in the battle of the 5 armies!”

I found out that the word Blog is not a word with some other meaning or a combination of words as I suspected, but just a word invented to mean “A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.” Unfortunately although this is written in conversational style unless I get round to writing more regularly this obviously cannot be defined as a Blog!

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Outstanding Ofsted Inspection & Links with Zambia

Posted 18/6/2014

It has been quite a while since my last update. I have been waiting for our latest Ofsted report to be published – and although we were inspected at the end of February it has only recently been made available. This inspection was for our residential provision and is done on an annual cycle. We have worked hard to consolidate the good practice the school follow in this area and a great deal of credit needs to go to the whole of the child care team in achieving the best possible outcomes. The school has been judged as outstanding in every area: Outcomes for residential pupils; quality of residential provision and care; residential pupils’ safety; leadership and management of the residential provision and in overall effectiveness. This is confirmation from ofsted of what the boys who attend school and what parents tell us in their feedback to us. It further confirms that a residential placement at the school is a very positive choice for the education of pupils in our sector!

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Update: December 2013

Posted 12/12/2013

We are approaching the Christmas holiday after a long term with the vast majority of boys making excellent progress. The behaviour point scores have been very impressive every week, and a lot of boys have continued to earn a lot of the reward tokens that we call currics. As usual at this time of year many have also decided to spend some - so don't be surprised when some return home with their prizes. Some have been saving for a long time and have some quite high value rewards. Some have been thinking of others too and have cashed in their currics to buy Christmas presents for family.

In the last week of term we have our Christmas lunch on Tuesday and the school production on Thursday. A letter has been sent out but I would like to remind those planning to come on Thursday that we need to speak to you first to make sure we have enough seats for everyone in the room. Please telephone the units on Monday evening - we hope to say yes to all groups but please understand that sometimes we cannot fit everyone in!

Everyone at Brompton Hall hopes you have a very enjoyable Christmas holiday and a very happy new year!

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Update: October 2013

Posted 24/10/2013

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Anne Raisen who has been with us since October 2007. She has worked afternoons and evenings cooking and serving lunches and teas. You may be aware that the meals at Brompton Hall are the envy of many schools and she has played an important role in maintaining this high standard. On a personal note – I will also miss the extra fruit and cream she always finds for me when fruit salad comes around on the menu! We wish Ann a very happy and relaxing retirement that has been very well earned!

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Update from the Head

Posted 9/10/2013

I am aware that last week was a difficult for some parents with the school having to close on Tuesday. I can assure you that this was not what we wanted to do - but there was no real option. The boys coped well with the additional travel and the LA were very supportive in arranging for the additional taxies.

Rosedale had to postpone their trip to The Yorkshire Wildlife Park last week due to the closure - but they were able to go on Monday this week. They all enjoyed the experience and saw animals they had not seen before. One even mistook a zebra for a leopard!

This week our year 10 group are out on their first work experience. This is a good first taste for them - we use some well established local placements where we know they will be well looked after. The early feedback is very positive!

Next week we have two football tournaments - on for Primary and one for Secondary. I'm sure the boys will do well and represent the school as well as the tag rugby team did at the start of the term.

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Posted 10/9/2013

All back at school and back into the swing of things at the start of the 2013 - 2014 academic year. The summer holidays now seem a very long time ago! It was lovely to welcome all the boys back to school last week. Everyone seemed happy enough to be back and the atmosphere around the school has been very good indeed - and 32 black passes in week 1!!

Today sees the launch of this new website. There has been a lot of work to put it all together led by Mrs Young. I very much hope you enjoy looking through it! We hope to post regular updates - keep everyone informed of coming events and adding new pictures to the gallery pages.