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Spring Term Update

Posted 11/2/2015

As you can tell Blog writing is a development that has really got off the ground for me yet. Still I have recently been encouraged to communicate more by this means so I intend to try to keep this section more up to date.

I was looking at this and realised I wasn’t even sure where the word Blog came from – although of course I knew what it was. Looking it up on the internet gave me a first definition of Blog as being: “A character from The Lord of the Rings that ruled the northern goblins for about 150 years and led an army in the battle of the 5 armies!”

I found out that the word Blog is not a word with some other meaning or a combination of words as I suspected, but just a word invented to mean “A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.” Unfortunately although this is written in conversational style unless I get round to writing more regularly this obviously cannot be defined as a Blog!

We are just working up to half term and I am pleased to say that the school is continuing in a calm and purposeful way with boys engaging well in their lessons, taking part in a wide range of activities after school and generally making very good progress. The weather keeps us all indoors far more at this time of year, but there is still a busy and purposeful atmosphere throughout the day. It was also pleasing that when we had another visit from Ofsted who were looking at care arrangements in November, their findings were the same as last time - Outstanding in all areas. Again formally reporting the excellent work of staff and boys in the school.

Boys in Y10 and Y11 are working hard towards their exams, and teachers are putting on extra lessons and support sessions to help them get the very best grades possible. It is pleasing to see that in the main the boys are happy to go along with these additional sessions as we all know how important this work is at this time of year. The same can be said for the boys who volunteer for additional literacy and numeracy sessions – this is also paying off and showing considerable additional progress.

As the days get longer our thoughts are moving to our summer timetable. Plans are already in place for Bransdale’s barge trip, the trials bike club are signing up new members and the mountain bikes are being serviced and readied for another season. It was excellent to look back on last year’s Glaisdale  camp at Kettleness that formed a large part of Glaisdale’s assembly a couple of weeks ago. I brought back a lot of memories for the boys who went and boys who will be going next year are looking forward to it already! A whole array of other outdoor activities are also getting ready to go.

All the evening activities are extremely important to the experience of being at Brompton Hall. However, the work done in the classroom is where we most want to see results. I am very pleased to say that for the vast majority of boys, and certainly the boys who attend well, progress reported to governors show that all progress made is on or above target.