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Summer Term 2016

Posted 14/4/2016

The start of the summer term is always a good time at Brompton Hall. The clocks have changed and we have long evenings for all the outdoor activities the school have looked forward to over the winter period. 

However, as Easter was early this year, we have the light, but we don’t always have the good weather. Still we are looking forward to the trials bikes, mountain bikes, body boarding, archery, walking club etc. that will all be taking place over this term. In addition to this, we will also be taking part our usual residential experiences that the staff group work so hard to set up each year. Fingers crossed the mountain bike club make their long distance trek this year!

It all sounds like a lot of fun – and it is – but there is a serious side as well. All these fantastic activities give the boys so many opportunities to take part in a range of exciting events and they truly benefit from the sense of achievement that comes with learning new skills, expanding knowledge from new experiences and building self-confidence. Perhaps, most valuable of all, they also learn how to work productively as a team and develop important social skills to become active members of different groups.

Of course there is also the important matter of learning and achieving in school to prepare us for life. So many boys in all age groups are currently working so hard to do well. However, at this time of year it also becomes a worrying time for our Y11 boys. They are now working on their final weeks of their exam courses – and we are, of course, having to turn up the pressure to encourage them to keep going all the way to the end. Quite a few are also a little sad and a little worried about leaving and moving on to new things. We’ll be sad to say goodbye too – but it’s all part of moving forward in life.