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Mental Health & Wellbeing Strategy

School Strategy for Supporting Mental Health and Wellbeing

  • Increase awareness and understanding among staff and parents/carers of issues involving the mental health of young people
  • Detect and address problems in the earliest stages
  • Increase the appropriate level of support available to students, staff and parents/carers with mental health issues in partnership with outside health agencies and child support groups
  • Continue to promote positivity around mental wellbeing
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues such as:
    • Self-harm
    • Eating disorders
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Loss of bereavement

Context and Rationale

  • School council to model expected behaviours and are involved in staff recruitment
  • Key Workers for each student and Placement Support Officer / Behaviour Learning Manager
  • Co-ordinated support from a range of external organisations

The school promotes an anti-bullying culture through:

  • A strong school ethos which empowers tolerance and respect, including respect for difference and diversity
  • High profile of anti-bullying procedures and policy through displays, assemblies
  • Events such as national anti-bullying week and using emotional literacy strategies / resources
  • Active listeners, including assistants, keyworkers, tutors and adults other than school staff to whom the victim may turn
  • A clear personal, health and social education (PSHE) programme which addresses the impact of bullying on individuals, the need to develop tolerance for different religions, ‘positive’ relationships and appropriate choices

The school promotes and strengthens the pupil voice through:

  • A democratic process for the election of school council representatives
  • Timetabled meeting time for members of the school council
  • Involving pupils in interviews for members of staff
  • Consulting pupils about change and policy development through unit forums, school council and keyworker meetings
  • Pupil led assemblies
  • Student Voice: e.g. PASS / Growing Up in North Yorkshire surveys

How we support our staff in promoting and managing mental health:

  • Whole school training provided ensuring all staff are equipped to deal with emotional well-being and mental health issues.
  • Notice Boards sign posting staff to areas of additional support
  • Resources provided to support staff in supporting each other and pupil/parents/carers
  • Regular staff well-being surveys