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Wellbeing Hub

Mental health and wellbeing is integrated into all aspects of school life in the academic curriculum and residential time.  To support that strategy we've created the Wellbeing Hub.  This is a quiet, relaxed environment where the boys can meet with staff and healthcare professionals one to one.  They have the opportunity to discuss their needs, personal development and any issues they may have, all with a view to improving their general wellbeing and mental health.

Wellbeing Support Staff

Sarah Garton - Specialist Counsellor Miss Benitez - Wellbeing Support Worker Miss Bold - Wellbeing Support Worker Mr Vaughan - Wellbeing Support Worker

Wellbeing Hub Rooms

Wellbeing Hub Current Services:

  • Careers advice and support from our Specialist Careers Advisor, Alison Fletcher.
  • Health and Medical advice and support for young people, parents and carers from our School Nurse, Martha Callaghan.  Martha offers a drop in service once a fortnight for students to discuss any health and medical problems.  Sessions are also offered to parents and carers for them to discuss any concerns either in person, or via video call or telephone.
  • 1:1 Counselling by our Specialist Counsellor, Sarah Garton on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
  • 1:1 therapy and mindfulness by our Wellbeing Support Worker / Trainee Counsellor, Carla Benitez, Monday to Friday.

The 1:1 sessions are for any students who have been identified as needing the additional support for reasons such as anger issues, emotional support for family issues and anxiety problems. The Wellbeing Hub team liaise with parents when required and attend meetings with external agencies to discuss the wellbeing of our students.

A referral form system has been set up for students who have been identified as needing support.  Once the referral forms are submitted, they are discussed / approved by the Safeguarding Team and the support sessions organised. Regular meetings are held between the Safeguarding Team and Wellbeing Hub staff to ensure that all issues each young person is facing are addressed, where appropriate.

Potential Additional Services in the future:

  • Parental / Carers support and counselling services.
  • Counselling and therapy sessions offered to other schools in the area.
  • Counselling and therapy offered to staff within Brompton Hall School.
  • Telephone 'check-in' with parents in the holidays to offer support and advice.
  • 'On Call' in school holidays for emergencies.