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ICT Policy

Information and Communication Technology

What is ICT and why do we teach it

Information and communications Technology at Brompton School integrates the full range of media through which successful learning takes place. ICT now permeates all aspects of life in a modern technological society and all the learners are encouraged to become active participants in its use to enrich their learning.


  1. To teach the learners to use ICT and information sources effectively to analyse, process and present information as required by the national curriculum.
  2. To provide the learners with regular and equal access to a broad and balanced ICT experience across the whole curriculum
  3. To develop a positive attitude towards ICT in the learners and develop their ICT capability through both independent and collaborative working.
  4. To develop the learners understanding of the uses, importance and limitations of ICT in the modern world including the need to avoid undesirable materials.
  5. To teach to the newly formed national computing curriculum from KS2 through to KS3


Resource material for ICT teaching and delivery of the courses are planned based on each groups individual needs. The learners are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge and interest in ICT through a vast range of ICT software and devices, which due to the rapid technological advances are regularly assessed and updated.


Each piece of the learners’ work is internally assessed and compared against the learners’ subject target to determine if the learner is making progress in line with expectation, taking into account any barriers for learning.

Records of Achievement (RoA) are sent home at the end of each term highlighting the learner’s ability to:

  • Listen to/follow instructions
  • Develop independent learning skills
  • Respect others’ points of view
  • Work co-operatively with peers
  • Meet all deadlines set
  • Participate fully in their learning

Teacher assessments are used to inform future planning, differentiation and learner progression.

Qualification Pathways available to learners:

The learners in Year 10 and 11 are currently following the BCS Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills (ECDL Core) - (QAN: 601/8240/4)