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Key Stage 2 Policy

Our Key Stage 2 classrooms provide a stimulating, fun and safe environment in which we aim to support and encourage all pupils to enjoy the school day lessons and have positive learning experiences.

Lessons in Literacy, Numeracy, Science, History, Geography, Technology and Art are planned and delivered by the class teacher and supported by teaching assistants.  Lessons are normally broken down into 3 parts, the first part being a game or activity to enhance literacy, numeracy, topic and working memory skills. To develop cross curricular links these subjects are planned and delivered as part of a termly topic or theme. A range of teaching styles and approaches are used to meet all pupil’s individual learning needs.  Pupils are encouraged to develop their social interactive skills by working in pairs, small groups and as a class on a range of activities.

Pupils are taught by subject specialists for PE, Food Technology, Music and RE.


  • To enable pupils to use ICT as appropriate for a range of tasks.
  • Enable the child to become confident, effective communicators equipped with skills necessary for Secondary school and for the wider world.
  • Ensure equality of opportunity in language development for all children, taking account of the pluralistic society in which we live.
  • To act as a vehicle to help individual pupils to increase their competence in specific skills relating to curriculum areas and the wider world
  • To address the need to develop skills specific to each student as required by I.E.Ps and EHCPs.
  • To engage students in the curriculum and develop the necessary literacy and numeracy key skills throughout.


Students have access to a range of phonics resources, following the letters and sounds phases, to embed key skills in literacy. They follow the Phonic Books reading scheme.

Full use of ICT is made available to the pupils, when appropriate, either within the primary classroom or in the ICT suite.

There is a range of sensory resources available to each student in the primary classrooms including; privacy boards, ear defenders, fidget toys, chew toys.

Lessons are planned and delivered taking in to consideration each students individual needs and resources are prepared accordingly including visuals and resources to aid the development of speech and language needs.

Regular educational visits are made to stimulate learning (all visits are risk assessed).


At Brompton Hall School we use assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning – good assessment practice is the product of good learning. Assessment in Key Stage 2 is carried out in line with the Whole School Policies on Marking and on Assessment, Recording and Reporting.

The boys are assessed on criteria in bands, each represented by a colour moving from red through to indigo following the colours of the rainbow.  Boys are tracked through each term against this criteria, and will move on to the next coloured band when all of the relevant criteria is met.