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Charges and Remissions Policy

 Within the context of the Public Sector Equality Duty Policy and curriculum, it is school practice that all of our learners should have access to the same range of curricular opportunities as they progress through the school. The following general statement encompasses all curriculum related activities and visits, when a voluntary contribution is requested:

"Parents / Carers are asked to make a voluntary contribution for visits, where appropriate. They are asked to make every effort to pay, as the school has limited funds for these valuable activities."

All learners will participate in the full range of school visits and activities, regardless of whether or not a voluntary contribution is received.


Charges are currently made for the hire of rooms in holiday periods as a fund raising exercise but only to groups approved by the Headteacher.

The current approved rates are:

  •  Room only: £13.50 pp/pn
  •  Bed & Breakfast: £16.50 pp/pn
  •  Half Board: Negotiated depending upon the needs of a particular group.



Charges are made for the hire of the school minibuses but as regulations require a specific disc confirming the registration of the body hiring the vehicle only long term arrangements are possible. The rate charged will be negotiated with the Headteacher and confirmed by the governing body but will be set at a level that ensures that the school is not financially penalised by the arrangement.


Astroturf & Tennis Court Area

Groups may hire these facilities for tennis, cricket, basketball, football etc. at times when it is not required by the school. The approved rate is £5.00 per hour or £1 per person per hour whichever is the greater. However, reciprocal agreements may be arranged with the Headteacher where the pupils at the school may use another facility in return for the use of some of these facilities.

V.A.T. is chargeable on all the above for occasional hire. For regular arrangements V.A.T. is not chargeable.



No charge is made to staff or visitors to the school for the taking of meals. Meals may only be taken in the dining room and the school considers the supervision of pupils and the socialising aspect of their company at mealtimes as payment.



No charges are made for incidental photocopying for staff members. However, if a large quantity is involved the school will charge 2p per copy B&W and 6p per copy colour to cover costs. For photocopying requested by outside individuals or agencies a charge of 5p B&W and 15p colour will be made.