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Citizenship, PSHE & RSE


The course content is divided into five themes, which are assessed by two written examinations at the end of Year 11:

Theme Key questions explored
Theme A: Living together in the UK • How have communities developed in the UK?

• What is identity?

• What are democratic values and where do they come from?

• How does local democracy work?

Theme B: Democracy at work in the UK


• Who runs the country?

• How does Parliament work?

• How is power shared between Westminster and the devolved administrations?

• How does government manage public money?

Theme C: Law and justice • What is the law for and how does it affect us?

• How does the justice system work?

• Is crime increasing in society?

Theme D: Power and influence • What power and influence can citizens have?

• What role and influence should the media have?

• Does the UK have power and influence in the wider world?

Theme E: Taking citizenship action  Students must carry out an in-depth, critical investigation leading to citizenship action. The investigation and action can be based on any aspect or issue arising from the course content and should be designed to have an impact locally, nationally or globally. There are many types of investigation and action that students can take that use different methods and citizenship skills.



Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)

“89% of Year 8+ pupils responded that they have had lessons about relationships and sex” The North Yorkshire Children and Young People’s Health & Wellbeing Survey 2020


  Health, body and mind Living in the Wider World  Relationships 
Year 4 Managing difficult feelings

Naming male and female body parts

Changes as they grow


Knowing how to say no


Fireworks safety

Keeping myself safe

Develop and maintaining a positive learning environment

Taking responsibility

Making sensible choices

Managing money within a budget

Saving money

Benefits of spending and saving money

Understanding feelings (what it feels like to be unwelcome)

Working with others

Problem solving in relationships

Taking responsibility

Making sensible choices

Dealing with changes


  Health, body and mind Living in the Wider World  Relationships 
Year 5 Strategies to cope with embarrassment

Understanding alcohol is a drug

 Eat Well plate (balanced diet)

Healthy mind and body


Personal safety

Stereotyping and its affects

Skills and attributes of a successful learner

Knowing their own mind

Taking responsibility for their own safety

Responding to difficult changes


Knowing their own value

Identifying strengths

Contribute to a group

Appropriate behaviour in different relationships

Managing difficult feelings to do with loss


  Health, body and mind Living in the Wider World  Relationships 
Year 6 Exercise

Understanding addiction

Understanding and managing feelings

Making mistakes

Physical changes of puberty

Feelings during puberty



Keeping safe

Taking responsibility

Taking first steps

Recognising stereotyping and discrimination

 media influence

Accepting changes

Looking for positives

Peer pressure

Enterprise activity

Managing money

Working in a group

Showing respect

Learning together

Resolving conflict and problem solving in relationships

Dealing with loss

Peer pressure

  Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7


Health and Wellbeing  Living in the Wider World  Relationships 
  Transition to Year 7 


Mental Health 

Managing Emotions 


Healthy Lifestyles 

Energy drinks 


Illegal Substances 


Self Esteem 

Money Management 

Being an Ethical Consumer 

Wants and Needs 

Social Media 

Prejudice and Discrimination 





Identity and Diversity 

Online Radicalisation 

Year 8 Living in the Wider World  Relationships  Health and Wellbeing 
  Internet Safety: Online grooming 

Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination  

Teenage prejudice 


Our Changing Environment 

Communication Skills 

Teamwork Skills 

Money Management 

Contraception and sexual health 






British Values 

Religious Prejudice 

Domestic Conflict 

Body Image 

Self Confidence 

Setting Goals 

Teenage Pregnancy 

Personal safety and First Aid 

Vaping and Smoking 


Self Awareness 

Year 9 Living in the Wider World  Health and Wellbeing  Relationships 
  Community Cohesion 

Knife Crime 

Acid Attacks 

County Lines 

Personal Development 

Self Discipline 

Money, Savings and Loans 


Rules to Success 

Growth Mindset 

Stress and Mental Health 

Self Harm 

Eating Disorders 

Selfie Safety 

Alcohol Awareness 

Drugs and the Law 




Domestic Violence 

Body Image and the media 

British Values 

Peer Pressure 

Year 10


Health and Wellbeing  Living in the Wider World  Relationships 
  Binge Drinking 

Online Gambling 


Risk Taking 

Screen time 

Social Media and Self Esteem 

Anti Social Behaviour 

Criminal Justice System 

Digital Footprint 

Hate Crimes 


Money Laundering 

Body Shaming 

Relationship types 

Role Models 

Managing Conflict 

Year 11 Health and Wellbeing  Living in the Wider World  Relationships 
  Body Positivity 

Grief and Bereavement 

Personal Safety 

Social Anxiety 


Fake News 

Dark Web 



Harassment and Stalking 

Positivity and Happiness 

Healthy Relationships 



Break Ups 


Through studying these topics, it is hoped that pupils will be able to recognise and manage risk, take increasing responsibility for themselves, their choices and behaviours and make positive contributions to their families, schools and communities.