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Pathways Project


The pathways project provides a positive learning experience in a safe, nurturing and supportive environment which encourages good emotional health and wellbeing, enabling our pupils to gain the skills and confidence that will allow them to become more successful within education and prepare themselves for further education and future employment. 

The curriculum is designed to: 

  • Re -engage all pupils as learners 
  • Enhance the self – perception of pupils as learners 
  • Inspire and motivate pupils, fostering a curiosity to learn 
  • Enable all pupils to make progress from their individual starting points and to have success in learning underpinned by a focus on developing pupils’ social development, emotional wellbeing and mental health 
  • Have a strong curriculum focus on the facilitating subjects of English and Mathematics 
  • Allow pupils to explore subjects beyond the core curriculum in a thematic approach 
  • Support all pupils to lead healthy and safe lifestyles
  • Support all pupils to develop the skills, behaviours and attitudes that will enable them to reintegrate to and be successful in the next phase of their education 


A robust induction process ensures prior information is shared involving previous school and parents/carers. Each pupil who enters Brompton Hall School and moves on to the pathways project will be assessed on entry. Pupils complete baseline assessments in Maths and English, allowing staff to develop a personalised curriculum that fills any gaps they have in prior learning, and allows them to move at their own pace, whatever their starting point.  

All the pupils on the Pathways project then undertake a bespoke program of study which is carefully designed to meet their individual needs which removes any barriers to learning/progress. It is critical to the way that the Pathways programme works that each student is treated as an individual and a personalised learning plan is designed. Students are then allocated a keyworker who is carefully chosen to ensure a positive working relationship and support the individual both academically and emotionally. 

Courses of study currently offered on the Pathways program include: 

Design Technology
BTEC Home Cooking
BTEC Construction
BTEC Land-based Studies
ECDL ICT and internet safety
Bespoke Work Experience packages
WJEC – Healthy living and Fitness
WJEC – Personal and Social Development
Life skills program
Extensive careers program in preparation for further education and future employment. 


The primary measure of the impact of the pathways project is to support all pupils to develop the skills, behaviours and attitudes that will enable them to successfully reintegrate into the next phase of their education.