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Pupil Premium: 2014-15

Overview of the school:

Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received:

Total number of pupils on roll (Y3 – Y11)


Total number of pupils eligible for PPG (January 2014 Census)


Amount of PPG received per pupil

934 (ave)

Total amount of PPG received


Total number of Service Children


Amount of PPG received per pupil


Total amount of Service Children PPG received


Total number of LAC @ 1900


Total amount of LAC PPG received



Pupil Premium Report 2014-15

 Although exact number change throughout the academic year, in the Summer Term 2015 we had 50 learners on roll in Years 3 – 11, of which 32 were in receipt of the Pupil Premium grant (PPG). This constitutes 64% of our whole school cohort, of which 37 learners are boarders, 12 learners are extended day and 1 learner is a day student.


We closely monitor the progress of all of our learners throughout the academic year, including arranging review meetings to evaluate the progress of those in receipt of PPG with key staff, which is reported to Governors through termly reports / presentations.


Objectives in Spending Pupil Premium 2014-15

 To maximise PP learners’ achievements in Maths & English, as well as across the curriculum

  • To widen PP learners’ participation in all aspects of school life, both during the day and across the residential units
  • Providing funds for ‘narrowing the gap’ for PP learners, with a particular focus on Literacy and Numeracy


Summary of Planned Spend for 2014-15

Total Funding Allocation:  £38,303



Curriculum Support Officer: additional support required to ensure PP learners have individualised programmes of work experience during Year 10 & 11. Also provides additional support for student monitoring of attainment and tracking of the impact of intervention programmes.  Contribution to salary of additional post


Specialised Careers Advisor: contributes to careers lessons, as well as providing ‘1 to 1’ meetings to establish bespoke career action plans, as part of the transition package for PP learners. Includes: arranging college visits / completing applications for college places, employment opportunities and / or apprenticeship programmes / over-seeing individualised career action plans and regular updates for parents & carers. Contribution to the cost of the external service


Educational visit support: financial support for PP learners to enable them to take part in curriculum visits and care activities



The bespoke transition programme which we have established as part of our Careers programme has ensured that for the last 4 years we have had 0% NEETS, with all of our learners going on to further education, employment or apprenticeship programmes.

Total Cost: £19,636



Additional Advanced Teaching Assistants (ATAs): aiding individual attention and more frequent feedback, key contributing factors in learner progress and involved in the Literacy and Numeracy intervention programmes throughout the academic year


Literacy: funding for the new ‘1-to1’ reading intervention programmes, SPaG programmes and spelling programmes


Numeracy: funding for the introduction of the numicon intervention programme for identified learners, working memory activities and mental maths tasks


Sensory Regulation: funding for a range of sensory resources for every classroom (e.g. privacy boards, ear defenders, weighted blankets, fidget toys, coloured overlays & pen grips)


Provision for subject specific ‘Narrowing the Gaps’ projects: Funds are available for subjects areas to create their own specific projects for any cohort, aimed at narrowing the gap in their subject area (e.g. Success@Arithmetic programme in Maths)


Regular review meetings with key members of staff: meetings involve the Senior Management Team, Keyworkers, Tutors & Teachers. The progress of all learners is individually reviewed and Governors are involved in considering the impact of interventions and measures to promote progress through termly reports delivered in Governors meetings



‘1-2-1’ and small group ‘catch up’ sessions in Maths, English and Science was offered to many of our PP learners in Year 10 & 11 last year. We made flexible arrangements, adapting the offer to match the learners’ needs. Some received ‘1-2-1’ sessions after school or during the school day, as part of their intervention programme. We believe this flexible approach made a significant difference to those learners who took part. This year 9 learners took part in this opportunity.


Literacy and Numeracy intervention programmes were established for 10 students during 2014-15, and this ‘1-2-1’ programme resulted in the following improvements:


Literacy: all learners narrowed the gap between their reading age and their chronological by between +3 to +9 months

Numeracy: all learners narrowed the gap between their number age and their chronological age by between +7 and +15 months 

Total Cost: £13,426



Books, materials and other curriculum support: contributions to the costs of materials where required, reward trips to encourage participation and to purchase resources to enhance the learning provision across both school and residential units


Educational Visits: fully funded residential opportunities offered to students across the residential units (e.g. Bransdale Barge Trip)


Life Skills Programme: to provide additional opportunities for learners to develop key skills as part of the whole school transition programme (e.g. using bus timetables, cooking skills, telling the time, etc)


Activity Grid: wide variety of activities and visits planned after school and during the evening outlined in the ‘Winter’ and ‘Summer’ activity grids. (e.g. archery, body boarding, trial bikes, mountain biking, etc)


Duke of Edinburgh Award: learners offered the opportunity to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze Award) programme



Pupil premium funding has been widely used to support students in taking part in existing activities across the school such as theatre trips, Bransdale Barge Trip, Glasidale Kettleness residential and subject-based visits (e.g. Bradford Faith trip), therefore widening their participation in the full school curriculum. 27 learners this year have been supported to enable them to take part. We consider this use of funds to be an important part of our mission to broaden horizons for these learners.

Total Cost: £5,241


Future Spending Plans:

Many projects this year supporting learners have been successful and have had a positive impact on performance, as well as the learner experience. We aim to continue developing these projects and responding to the needs to our learners and their changing circumstances, as they arise.