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Active Kidz

We have been keeping fit and active through team games, team building activities and our regular boot camp sessions




Team building

Team building is an ongoing activity throughout the summer and winter terms on Langdale.  The boys really seem to enjoy this activity as we see them go from strength to strength in communicating with each other, solving problems together, and helping each other in tricky situations as well as having lots of fun of course. During the winter months we tend to stay inside and do our activities in the hall. We normally start off with a warm-up activity like stuck in the mud, under and over race, traffic lights, or cat and mouse. The main team building activity can be anything from monkey football, parachute games or to capture the flag. During the summer term if the weather is nice we hope to go outside and do team building activities like den building, sandcastle building, orienteering and much more. All the activities requires the boys to work together to achieve the objective of the team building game / activity. 

Boot Camp

On Langdale we like to keep active and boot camp is a really fun and enjoyable way of doing this. We brave the weather where possible and go onto the AstroTurf to commence our training. The boys love this activity with a lot of them wanting to stay out and do more even when the boot camp is over. The boys normally work in groups to help them encourage each other and push each other through the different activities. Each week is different with some weeks us doing circuits, others we might incorporate a deck of cards with each suit a different exercise with the number being the amount of reps for each exercise. This is really fun and a lot of the time the boys forget this is quite physical as they are having so much fun.       

Team Games / Sports

As well as boot camp and team building we also do team sports. From soft ball to bench ball, dodge ball to football. These are all activities that are adored and so take place at least once a week throughout the whole year.

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