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Cooking & Baking Club

Cooking is always popular on Langdale whatever time of the year it is, through the summer term we don’t cook every week as there is so much going on outside whilst the weather is good. The winter term is perfect to test our culinary skills. Whenever possible we ask one of the boys what would they like to cook for the other boys on the unit, we always got the old favourites, burgers, biscuits and cakes, we do make all these from time to time but the one we get asked most for is homemade pizzas. These are always popular, the boys have made margarita, meat feast, cheese and mushroom along with a vegetarian option of roast pepper and red onion. Some of the boys just make their own up as they go along adding loads of different toppings.


We also try to celebrate other cultures and religions, we do this by cooking meals that they would have themselves. On the 6th of November it is the Hindu Festival of Diwali (Festival of Lights), this celebrates the New Year and is India’s most important holiday. On the unit we made some Khajur Burfi which is made from dried dates, condensed milk, almonds and coconut, these were soon eaten and most of the boys and staff said they were delicious. They also made some Gur Papdi which are like a soft flapjack these were a little more difficult to make but turned out like the picture which was good, they weren’t so popular but all 3 of the boys worked very hard. Chinese New Year is the next big celebration where we will be cooking a feast for the whole unit.

Each week we are going to choose a different country and pick a recipe related to that country.  This will allow the boys to experience how other countries and cultures food differs from ours. The first week the boys choose Brazil and chocolate salami which taste a lot better than it sounds. The salami was made by mixing crushed biscuits, almonds, raisins, cocoa powder and condensed milk. The mixture then came together as a thick paste and was rolled out into a sausage like shape and put in the fridge to rest. The boys thought this was delicious and it didn’t last long before the whole lot was gone. We look forward to picking some different dishes from different countries in the coming weeks.

Cooking & Baking Club on Langdale 2017-18